Four convicts of Nirbhaya case to be sentenced on 3 March

A Delhi court has issued a warrant for the execution of all the four accused in Nirbhaya on March 3 at 6 am.

Four persons convicted in connection with rape of medical student in Delhi in 2012 were sentenced on January 22 With all the preparations for the execution ready, the four accused had filed indictments separately.

One of the accused, Pawan Gupta, had filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding that the Minor be investigated for his offenses under the Minor Criminal Procedure Act and that he should be abolished.

The Supreme Court's 5-judge session dismissed all adjudication petitions in succession. In the afternoon, the Supreme Court dismissed the plea filed by Pawan Gupta seeking presumption of a child. This ended all legal appeals. However, the court ordered an interim injunction to be executed on February 1 as all four accused filed a subsequent petition seeking the death penalty.

The Delhi court today issued the third warrant for the hanging, with 2 hanging postponed. On March 3, at 6 am, four criminals were ordered to be executed.