"Fitness plays a very prominent role in everybody's lives. The book takes care of every inch of the body and it's a fantastic collection. It will benefit a lot of readers," said Governor of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh ESL Narasimhan. He said this at the launch of Fitnessense and Fitopedia authored by Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi, at Sir Muthu Venkata Subbarao Hall in Chennai. Fitnessense is a compilation of several articles written by Pugazhendi over a period of two years. "The book is about mind and body encompassing various effects of fitness activities from yoga to martial arts.

The narration of the book is through the conversations of a four-member family. The book talks about a lot of important components including injuries, sports and fitness. Also, you need not read the book from beginning to the end, you can randomly pick a page in the middle and you will still gain knowledge," said Kannan Pugazhendi. Talking at the event, Actor Arya said, "He is not a doctor, he is a magician. If you know you have a problem, you can completely rely on him. There are many incidences when I would have shoot the next day and I would call him the previous day night for quick relief and miraculously, he always had a solution. At the same time, he also educated me about several kinds of injuries. This book will be very useful to everyone."

Sparrc Institute and IISM also awarded a few promising sports personalities including Shivani, 100 mtrs and 200 mtrs National Gold medalist, K.R. Aravindh Akash, 400 mtrs National Silver medalist trained by 200 mtrs National record holder Dr. Natrajan who was also a recipient of the Pride of India award from SPARRC and IISM for the previous year. Another notable award recipient is Sabita Radhakrishnan who is known for her international award winning books.