First summit on Global speaking business to be hosted in Chennai

The Professional Speakers Summit, a first of its kind event, will be hosted in Chennai. The summit is conducted by The Professional Speakers Association of India.  This body will soon be among the 15 other countries that will be under the umbrella of Global Speakers Federation, the apex body, a release said. Professional Speakers Association of India is getting started here, the 16th National association(PSAI) to be formed under the Global Speakers Federation.

The initial team here has some very well established speakers like Kiruba Shankar and Pravin Shekar, both starting to make waves as Authors & Speakers across the world. The fundamental objective is to help speakers become better in the ‘business’ of speaking and enable them to travel the world for speaking gigs by developing a global mindset. The Singapore chapter will be mentoring the association as it gets started and is also keen on seeing the huge potential and super talent available here.

This is what we see happening at the summit : Leaders, Influencers, Authors: A niche group addressing an audience of 150 speakers for two days of learning and networking. Presenting the Professional Speakers Association of India’s SUMMIT, India’s largest gathering of professional speakers under one roof. This inaugural Summit is scheduled on Jan 26 -27, 2019, at The Park Hotel in Chennai. The event is spread over two days of Keynotes and masterclasses.

The speakers as of today include James Taylor,  Frederik Haren on Creativity; Elias Kanaris, President of the Global Speaker Federation; Andrew Bryant on Leadership; Lloyd Luna, President of the Professional Speakers Association of Philippines; She Nacino, book writing coach & Prakash Iyer, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach.