First Omicron case detected in Greece

The first Omicron variant case of COVID-19 has been detected in Greece, and the man is quarantined, Head of National Public Health Organization EODY Theoklis Zaoutis said at a briefing on Thursday. The first Omicron variant case have been confirmed this morning. It is our citizen who arrived in Greece on November 26.

He took an express test at the airport, which was negative. Next day he developed mild symptoms, which persist at the moment. He took express tests every day, and they were negative. On November 29, the express test turned to be positive and verification was conducted with the use of a PCR test. Suspecting Omicron variant, we conducted examination, Zaoutis said, adding that on Thursday morning the case was confirmed.

According to him, the man is quarantined with everyone he contacted. We traced his contacts and tested them, as of now, all tests are negative. All [of his contacts] are under the EODY supervision and civil protection, Zaoutis said.

Minister of Health Thanos Plevris said that the infected Greek arrived from the South Africa and resides in Crete. Zaoutis noted that there are several questions concerning the new COVID-19 variant.