Finland Prime Minister declares 164 paid holiday days Childbirth for Fathers

The government of Finland has announced that the father will be given 164 days of paid leave, just as the mother will be given birth after childbirth.

In Finland, there is currently an alliance of women-led parties. 34-year-old Sanna Marin has taken over as Prime Minister of Finland. Speaking at the World Economic Forum a few weeks ago, Sanna Marin announced a change in maternity leave policy in Finland to uphold gender equality.

Accordingly, the government of Finland has announced that after the birth of the child, the father, like the mother, will be given 164 day's paid leave. The mother or father of these 164 days of leave can substitute 69 days of leave with each other.

It has also been announced that if there is only one mother or father, he will be granted 328 days of maternity leave.

The Government of Finland has explained that the holidays for men have been announced in order to make both parties feel equally responsible for child rearing.