Financing infrastructure projects to fuel economic recovery

Infrastructure is the lifeline of any modern economy and India is no stranger to this fact. It is estimated that India can add up to 2 percent in its annual GDP by providing adequate infrastructure to its industry.

The Prime minister's speech on the 15th August about the announcement of the National Pipeline project has provided a whole new direction to the infrastructure of the country. The government has identified around 7000 infrastructure projects under the new National Pipeline project and will spend Rs 110 lakh crores to boost the overall infrastructure of the country with an aim to create unified infrastructure across the nation.

If successful, the National Pipeline Project will be no less than a revolution in the Indian infrastructure sector and will be the single most important factor in the economic recovery of the nation.

The ambitious National Pipeline project is intended to provide seamless infrastructure connectivity to the remotest & the most left-behind areas of the country and bring them to the mainstream.