Father of the Dravidian Movement

Erode Ramasamy, commonly called as Periyar by his followers was an Indian politician who started the Self-Respect Movement. He called as the Father of Dravidian Movement. He has done notable work against Brahminal dominance, caste prevalence and women oppression in TamilNadu. 

Periyar joined the Indian National Congress in 1919, but resigned im 1925 when he felt that the party was serving only interests of Brahmins. 

E.V. Ramasamy promoted the principles of rationalism, self-respect, women’s rights and eradication of caste. He opposed the exploitation and marginalisation of the non-Brahmin Dravidian people of South India and the imposition of what he considered Indo-Aryan India.

At a rally in 1944, Periyar, in his capacity as the leader of the Justice Party, declared that the party would henceforth be known as the Dravidar Kazhagam, or "Dravidian Association". However, a few who disagreed with Periyar started a splinter group, claiming to be the original Justice Party. 

Periyar spent over fifty years giving speeches, propogating the realisation that everyone is an equal citizen and differnces on the basis of caste and creed were man-made to keep the innocent and ignorant as underdogs in the society.