Expected more support from world in Kashmir issue: Imran

Conceding his defeat after failing to get 'expected' support from the international community over Kashmir issue, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that India has made Kashmir a part of the country after the abrogation of Article 370.

In an interview to Russia Today that aired on Friday, Imran Khan said: '...India has annexed Kashmir, so it is no longer a disputed territory as far as India is concerned. They have made it a part of India.' 'Sadly, I would have expected the world to react much more than it has,' said Khan, while accusing the Indian government of violating the Simla agreement. Khan has further claimed that trade and markets have blocked and prevented the world to react over the Kashmir issue.

The Pak Prime Minister also vented his frustration by launching attacks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and RSS. Reiterating his threat of a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan, Khan said, 'The fact is what India is doing in Kashmir is going to have consequence way beyond the borders of India, way beyond the subcontinent. This is now going to become a nuclear hotspot. If it becomes the flashpoint of conflict between India and Pakistan, this will be the first time the two nuclear arm country comes face to face.'