Exclusive - When Yogi Babu made Santhanam wait and shift

Yogi Babu has now become the most fabulous comedian in Tamil film industry and is a part of almost all the big and small budget movies. Well, the theory of ‘Life is a Circle’ goes very much adherent to the film industry. There were times when the leading heroes and directors would wait for the call sheet of Santhanam and only then would do the movie. But today, Santhanam had to wait and even shit the shooting location for the sake of someone, who is none other than Yogi Babu.

It is very well known that Santhanam is playing lead role in a movie titled A1. Actually, it has Yogi Babu in an important role. Since Yogi Babu was shooting for Rajinikanth’s Darbar in Mumbai, Santhanam and his team had no options but to shift the location there and they got the shoot done. This happens to be the market value of Yogi Babu now.