Exclusive - Is Nayanthara’s ‘Netrikann’ a remake of South Korean movie ‘Blind’?

In the recent times, there are lots of Bollywood movies getting remade from Korean industry officially. Of course, even the South Industry is smug-bitten by the same traits, where Samantha’s Oh Baby was a remake of Korean movie and Vijay Sethupathi-Madonna Sebastian movie was also a remake. 

On the other hand, Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam was a remake of a Hollywood movie and then Kamal Haasan’s RKFI consistently remade French movies… Now we come across an interesting fact that Nayanthara’s next film ‘Netrikann’ could be a remake of 2011 mystery-thriller Korean movie ‘Blind’, which is a mystery-thriller revolving around a woman losing her eyesight after an accident, but develops an extrasensory power of sensing things around her. 

Well, we aren’t exactly sure if this film is a remake of Korean movie, but it is confirmed that Nayanthara plays a visually challenged person in this movie.