Even Thalapathy Vijay's dialouges can cure disabled boy

Actor Thalapathy Vijay holds the very big fan following including children. Here is the little boy Sebastian who is from Idukki, Kerala has been mute and unable to walk since birth. His Parents shown him to many doctors and nothing works out. One day the doctors found that, Little boy's body moved and responded when he hears the "Selfie Pulla" song . 

After that the doctors decided to show him the actor Vijay's movies and songs and let him hear the punch dialouges of him. He reportedly starts walking after that and he tries to speak as well. 

A video of Little Boy Sebastian holding actor Vijay's recent diwali release "Bigil" poster, and the boy's mother holding him in her hands with happy tears are hugely circulated by the Vijay's fans in social media.