Embassy attempt to rescue Indians from luxury ship

Diamond Princess luxury cargo ship from Hong Kong to Japan port has been shut down in the middle of the sea due to a corona virus. Around 3711 passengers and employees were on medical examination. Many of them have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

A total of 218 people have been diagnosed with corona virus so far. There are 138 Indians aboard the luxury ship. Of these, 132 are ship employers. A few days ago, 2 Indians were diagnosed with coronavirus.

An Indian has been confirmed to have contracted the virus while on board the ship. The number of Indians affected has risen to three.

On behalf of the Indian Embassy in Japan, we continue to work to rescue all Indians aboard the luxury ship.We have contacted 3 Indians infected with the corona virus. They are being treated. Their physical condition is constantly improving.

We have contacted the Japanese authorities and made sure that the Indians aboard were on good terms.

Authorities have confirmed that 218 people, including three Indians, have been infected with the deadly virus, saying that after the end of the quarantine period, efforts are being made to rescue all the Indians aboard.

E-mail has been sent on behalf of the Embassy of India to all Indians aboard. It's guaranteed that you're ready to help.

In the meantime it was decided to send out the passengers who were not infected with the corona virus on the ship. Accordingly, 11 passengers were allowed to leave the ship yesterday. The health officials who took them carried out a medical examination.