Efforts to rescue Sureeth still on

Efforts to rescue the 2-year-old boy Sureeth from a village near Trichy in Tamil Nadu, there is still a long way to go before rescuing the boy from borewell. The boy fell into a borewell on Friday at around 5:30 pm and various rescue operations have been taken ever since. Currently, the rescue team has drilled a hole around 40 feet deep parallel to the borewell in which Sureeth has been trapped.

Reports suggest that the process of drilling is taking moretime than expected as the terrain in the region is rocky. After the old machine was became faulty following vigorous drilling, new machine was deployed on Sunday, to speed up the process. Once the hole is drilled up to the level of 90 feet, rescue personnel are expected to inside in pairs and drill a triangular hole and a fireman will bring Sureeth out after crawling to his place.