Dress code for TN Secretariat staff

The Tamilnadu government made it clear that its men employees can wear dhoti reflecting Tamil culture or any Indian traditional dress and at the same time wanted them to avoid casual attire.

Days after the government asked its Secretariat employees to avoid casual clothes and wear neat, clean, formal attire, the government has now clarified that traditional dress like veshti (dhoti) is always permissible for its staff. Through a Government Order (GO), the government had amended the ‘Tamilnadu Secretariat Office Manual,’ mandating the dress code.

A revised GO issued Saturday (1 June) by Chief Secretary Girija Vaidyanathan said, “Government servants are required to wear neat, clean, formal attire that is appropriate to the work place setting, so as to maintain the decorum of the office, while in duty, like saree or salwar kameez or churidhar with dupatta in the case of female government servants…..and shirts with formal pants or veshti (dhoti) reflecting Tamil culture or any Indian traditional dress, in the case of male government servants. Casual attire shall be avoided.