Does Novel coronavirus came from its P4 lab in Wuhan?

Novel Corona virus which beagan from Wuhan has been spreading to more than 10 countries and more number of death tolls are increasing day by day. This has created a doubt in the mind of Internation bio-weapon experts to question, is there any link to the Wuhan P4 lab located 20 miles away from the sea food market where the first few cases of human infections was found.

A Reliable source from from Chinese Communist party( CCP) has said that soon the party will accept to the public that it is an accidental leak of lab created virus from P4 lab in Wuhan, which can be blamed on as “human errors”. But the official announcement is still being finalized.

In January 2018, a Bio-Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory was established in Wuhan City, which specializes on the control of emerging diseases and stores purified SARS and other types of viruses.
Initially CCP was blaming the virus was coming from the wild animals like bats by showing many videos f people eating bats.