Does Jackie Chan is infected with coronavirus?

It was rumored that action star Jackie Chan was put under isolation after he was suspected of having contracted the coronavirus or COVID-19.

According to the reports, the star being infected started after a video surfaced online showing them partying with Hong Kong police officers Then, on February 21, police confirmed that 59 officers had been put under isolation after attending an officer's retirement party, who was later tested positive for the virus.

Four officers, the infected policeman's wife and mother-in-law also exhibit symptoms of the disease, according to health officials.

Rumors then began to spread on social media, suggesting that Jackie and friends were at the same banquet, meaning that they could also be placed under intensive care.

But many have said it wasn't true. "Jackie Chan and the Police Commissioner were not at the same location, it's a different one," said one post.Further investigations showed that this was the case, as the two events happened at different places. The party of the infected officer was a restaurant at a seafood in the western district of Hong Kong, whereas  Jackie and co. were 30 minutes apart at the Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club in Kowloon.

Following this Jackie Chan said in Facebook page that, he was healthy and safe and also he thanked everyone for showing heartwarming concerns.