Does Dravidian parties truly fight for Tamil against Hindi?

Much recently, a lot of protests is happening over alleged imposition of Hindi. The DMK and its alliance partners are at the forefront fighting for the same. They hold demonstrations, issues statements and walks out of Assembly. Their MPs raise the issue in Lok Sabha too. Much recently, strong protests over the demand to conduct the exams for postal department exam in Tamil and other regional languages, the Union government cancelled it on Tuesday.

The announcement was made in the Rajya Sabha by Union Minister for Law Ravi Shankar Prasad.  Responding to the protests by the Tamil MPs, he said, "I have certain issues raised by the honourable members including my friends from Tamil Nadu, I examined the matter and it is now being decided to cancel the examination. The examination will now be held in all local languages including Tamil."

The question is are these men from Tamilnadu serious about their fight against Hindi? A few say things have changed a lot. Learning a new language will help children face the world bold. To stop it is no right. These DMK men who oppose the Hindi also run schools and colleges where Hindi is being taught. It shows their double standards. At their institutions, students are not allowed to speak in Tamil. If so, students are fined. They simply protest against Hindi to gain political mileage, many say.