Disappointed Dhoni speaks about IPL loss

After losing the finals of IPL 2019 by one run to Mumbai Indians, CSK skipper Dhoni, said, 'Today was one game we should've done slightly better. It was quite a funny game, we were passing the trophy to each other. Both committed mistakes, and eventually the winning team was the one that committed one mistake less.' Dhoni has led the CSK to eight finals but he was far from a contended skipper. 'As a team we had a good season. But we need to go back and reflect. Wasn't one of those years where we played very good cricket.

Middle order never clicked, but somehow we managed,' he said. 'Our bowlers did really well. It was not a 150 wicket, but the bowlers kept us in the hunt. They kept getting wickets when it was really needed. Batting, someone kept chipping in and we kept winning. To be consistent next year, we will have to really think hard,' he added.