Director Saamy’s unwanted ‘Vijay’ attack and ‘Billa’ filler song for next?

There’s a famous quote in Ajith Kumar’s recent release ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’, where he says, “To show your loyalty to someone, don’t degrade others.” Similarly, during the audio launch of ‘Bigil’, Vijay mentioned saying, “The person you’re trying to impress by offending his/her competitor will eventually start hating you for the same reason.” In this aspect, both the matinee idols have been strictly insisting their fans to keep away from unwanted abuses.

In the industry, there are few parasite-celebrities, who take the name of Thala and Thalapathy for increasing their fan base through Twitter. Beyond the tough competitions prevailing between the stars, they in fact don’t like such blatant praises from these actors.

Recently, director Saamy had released a video against actor Vijay for no reason. He is no way connected to the actor except for the fact that he narrated a story to him before couple of decades. What has he got to do with Vijay’s Bigil audio launch speech? Some of the inside sources mention that he is misusing the name of Ajith Kumar in the name of his fan. It seems that he has even used the filler song of ‘Lord Murugan’ song from ‘Billa’ for his upcoming film, which is a remake of ‘Children of Heaven’. The film has musical score by Ilayaraja and there is a sequence showing the festival in a small town near Kodaikanal.  Now with this news being spread, it would probably pave way for resentments on Ajith and his fans.

So it’s better the celebrities just look into the own projects instead of pulling the legs of top celebrities.