Difference of opinion between Vishal-Nasser?

The important associations in the Tamil film industry include Producers’ Association, and the Artists’ Association. Actor Vishal was in a prominent administrative role in both these associations. He was the president of the producers’ Association and the Secretary in the Artistes’ Association. Presently, these 2 posts are appointed by a special official.

The High Court has ordered the proper conduct of elections in both associations. Whether the team under Nasser will compete again in the Artistes’ Association, whether actor Vishal will compete in the producers’ Association are the questions doing the rounds now! It is gathered that Kameela Nasser (Nasser’s wife) will compete on behalf of Vishal’s team in the Producers’ Association.
However, in his latest tweet in the twitter, Vishal has observed: ‘I am aware that the producers’ Association is in a difficult plight.

I am anxious and worries about this! I am not interested in joining hands with the party that has pushed the Producers’ Association to this crisis! I am not with any team till now! I will join hands with only those who really strive for the uplift of the Association. 

It may be recalled director Mysskin and Vishal who were close together and progressing with ‘Thupparivalan-2’, had a difference of opinion and split! So, the rumour doing the rounds is rift between Vishal-Nasser.