Dhanush has no reason to do with my divorce, Amala Paul

The divorce of Amala Paul and AL Vijay in 2017 appeared as a shock to all in the industry. The last one revealed in a detailed statement that due to trust issues he had to part ways with her. Now, father AL Vijay and noted producer AL Azhagappan has named Dhanush as the reason for their divorce.

In a recent interview with a Tamil channel, the producer disclosed that it was Amala Paul who made the decision to stay away from aftermarriage movies. Nonetheless, in his production venture, Dhanush offered her the lead role, Amma Kanakku and the actress agreed to take a star in it.

Amlapal was questioned as to whether there is truth in the news that Dhanush is the reason for the divorce. In response, Amala Paul responded that her divorce controversy was unnecessary and that it was her personal.

Amala Paul has since stated that the decision to divorce is solely her own and that no one else is responsible. Can someone buy a divorce due to someone else? she raised the question.