Devotees upset over arrangements for Athi Varadar darishanm in Kanchipuram

It has been 13 days since Athi Varadar darisanam in Kanchipuram began. The number of devotees visiting the temple town has been increasing day after day. Many claim that adequate facilities have been provided and they are made to suffer. Speaking about arrangements, a devotee from Chennai, said, 'We had to wait in a long queue for over five hours. There was none to guide us properly. No proper water facilities are provided here'.

Stating that the transportation facilities inside the town was lean, a devotee said, 'Autorickshaw drivers fleece us demanding huge money. We dont know where we should leave our chappals. Children and elders find it difficult'. HR & CE department and Kanchipuram district administration should have planned better. We get to see Athi Varadar only once in 40 years. With such arrangements, we cannot peacefully worship him.

Wheel chair facilities for disabled are also bad'. Many say the government should have made proper arrangements. We suffer a lot, they add. Devotees will be allowed for darshan till 17 August  daily from 5 am to 10 pm on all days. Special darshan of Rs 500 could be made online through the website: