Devotees delighted over Namma Palani selfie spot at Murugan temple

The 'Namma Palani selfie' spot has been set up on behalf of the Palani temple administration for the devotees of Lord Murugan who come to Palani temple.

This 'Namma Palani' light board has been set up at the foothills of the Thandayuthapani station. This lighting board called Namma Palani has been set up in Palani following Chennai and Coimbatore. 

Following this, devotees and tourists who stand in those places are taking selfies day and night are said to enjoy taking selfies and it has been well received among the devotees.

Following the response to the lighting board, the temple administration has arranged to place similar lighting boards at the rope car station, winch station, Devasthanam Park, and tourist bus stand.