Davis Cup: Medvedev seals Russia's win over Germany

Daniil Medvedev had just put Russia into the Davis Cup final by sealing a win over Germany when he turned to the stands at Madrid Arena and started pointing repeatedly at the hardcourt beneath his feet. He was here to stay in Madrid for one more day, to lead Russia against Croatia for the most illustrious team trophy in men's tennis.

The jeers poured down from the German fans and neutral Spaniards, but the world's second-ranked player didn't mind. In fact, he egged them on and defiantly stamped his foot before he pumped his fist to the Russian contingent soaking up their victory.

Medvedev said it was just his team's way of celebrating in an imitation of other team sports like soccer where the 'stay calm' gesture has become popular. And if the crowd took it wrong, so be it.