David Cameron to visit Chennai to talk on new geopolitics

The family of K S Narayanan and The Sanmar Group will be commemorating the birth centenary of multifaceted patriarch of the Sanmar family, in Chennai on January 30 2019. The celebration will be marked by the K S Narayanan Centenary Oration 2019. David Cameron, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will give the keynote address on the topic “The New Geopolitics”. This will be followed by a conversation with N Ram, Chairman, The Hindu Publishing Group.

The K S Narayanan Oration is held every year with the objective of bringing together leaders of diverse background to spend an evening of leaning and bonhomie, representing the core spirit of Narayanan's personality. During the inaugural edition, in 2016, the oration was dedicated to the sport of Cricket, as it was a part of the celebration of the Sanmar family’s association with Jolly Rovers Cricket club for over 50 years. The former Captain of the English Cricket Team David Gower spoke on the topic of “Lessons from the Cricket Field”.

This Centenary oration is to cherish the memory of Narayanan, Chairman Emeritus, The Sanmar Group, who was an astute entrepreneur, quick to sight opportunities, had an excellent understanding of technology, superior people skills, wisdom and wit in the face of challenges. His wide interests travelled beyond business and included a keen passion for sports such as cricket and Tennis, said a press release.

KS Narayanan or KSN, was the multifaceted patriarch of the Sanmar family. In the late 1940s, soon after his father  SNN Sankaralinga Iyer promoted the India Cements Limited, KSN travelled to Denmark where he equipped himself thoroughly for the cement industry. Over the decades that followed, he acquired knowledge in a wide range of industries and was involved in the promotion of varied enterprises such as Chemplast Sanmar Limited, Sanmar Shipping Limited, WS Industries Ltd., and Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals.