Covid-19 hasn't gone away, warns US Surgeon General

The Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away, Indian-origin US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warned on Sunday (March 20, 2022), saying that cases may rise and fall in the months to come. Murthy also expressed his concern over the lack of funding to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we look at what's happening around the world and over the last two years, we recognise that when cases increase in one part of the world, that often leads to increases in the other part of the world. And we should be prepared that, you know, Covid hasn't gone away,” he told Fox News in an interview.

“There may be rises and falls in cases in the months ahead. But here's the key, our goal is to keep people out of the hospital, it's to save their lives, and we have more tools to do that than ever before. So our focus should be on preparation, not on panic. And if we get people these tools, vaccines, boosters, treatments, then we can actually get through waves that may come and go.