Controversy over Oscar winning movie as it a copy Vijay's film?

The girl from the family loves a young man who say lies to the rich house and goes to work in the house. He even tells his mother, father and sister to work in the same house by telling some lies. They enjoy luxury living there. Then comes the problem. This is the story of Parasite.

Vijay falls in love with Khushboo's sister, who belongs to the affluent family in the Minsara Kanna. He then joins the family as a guardian. He leaves his family in the same house and joins the job. Will Vijay abandon Khushboo's stay? Is the story.

The film was directed by KS Ravikumar. Produced by Thennappan. Regarding this When we asked KS Ravikumar, he said that Parasite's story is like Minsara Kanna, he was feeling glad for choosing this story 20 years ago. Producer Thennappan said legal action would be taken on the issue.

Thennappan said in the interview that the issue is a foreign affair and the appropriate lawyer should be appointed. I will publish my decision soon. He is reportedly preparing to sue.