Controversy over Karnan movie is rising day by day

A complaint has been registered in the police station against the Tamil movie ‘Karnan’ starring Dhanush.The community of ‘Muukulathor -Tiger Forces’ have been agitated to the extent that they have demanded that director Mari Selvaraj must be arrested.

Tamil Nadu Mukkulathor Tiger Army Secretary and Tirunelveli South District Secretary Velmurugan has registered a complaint  in the office of the Tirunelveli Police superintendent which mentions:
“The movie under production Karnan, based on the Kodiyankulam Maniyachi Caste riot tat occurred in 1991, must be banned forthwith. Also, shooting of this movie in locations in the districts of Maniyach and Thoothukkudi must not be allowed.”

Presently, peace is prevailing in all the southern districts. In this situation, there is a scope for violence to erupt again if such movies are released.  So, immediate action must be taken to stop this movie. Further, sets resembling Maniyachi police stations have been made and scenes of actor Dhanush attacking this police station have been picturised. This really affects the dignity of the Police Department.

It is understood, especially that in this movie, there are many scenes derogatory on the Thevar community. If such movies are allowed to be made and released, they may instigate communal violence against 2 communities. So, director Mari Selvaraj, making this movie with apparently wrong intentions must be arrested!’