Congress party dividedover P Chidambaram's arrest?

Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram is at the at the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) headquarters after a dramatic arrest late last night in Delhi by officials, who even climbed a wall in their attempts to get to him. No sooner he was arrested for his involvement i money laundering, his son and Congress MP Karti Chidambaram said, it was act of vendetta and to cover up their failure in abrogation of Art 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP government did the act.

TNCC chief Alagiri and a few senior Congress leaders in Delhi spoke against the arrest.However political observers say that what is interesting is many of the Congress leaders in Tamilnadu have maintained low profile over the arrests. When it was expected that they would hit streets with protests nothing has happened. Is Congress divided over Chidambaram's arrest is the question doing rounds now.A few say, 'Chidambaram getting party ticket for his son in Lok Sabha elections saw opposition within Tamilnadu ranks of the party.

They are keeping quiet when he is arrested by CBI. Many refused to comment and the opposition to his arrest among Tamilnadu Congress leadersis very low, say observers.Chidambaram had been granted interim relief from arrest last year. On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court denied any further protection, referring to the magnitude and enormity of the charges and calling him the kingpin. After the High Court ruling, Chidambaram was not found at his home, prompting the investigation agencies to put out two lookout circulars meant to stop a person from leaving the country.

In his petition before the top court on Wednesday, the former minister argued that his antecedents are impeccable and there is no possibility of him fleeing from justice. But his petition was not heard on technical grounds.