Cobra Teaser – Stylish visuals and wizard Chiyaan Vikram offer an electrifying experience

From the word ‘Go’, there has been an incessant excitement mounting upon Chiyaan Vikram’s Cobra. The makers have unveiled the teaser now. With a running length of 1 minute 47 seconds, the teaser majorly steals our attention for the mind-blowing visuals. The locations looks amazing and Ajay Gnanamuthu deserves special mention for handling such a grandeur film with brilliance.

Vikram’s prowess acting looks awesome. Cricketer Irfan Pathan doesn’t look like a newcomer. The cinematographer Harish Kannan is the next one to steal the show and we can’t wait to watch the film on big screens. We have come across many movies and series from the western countries revolving around several crimes solved by using mathematical calculations. Even then, let us wait and watch out for how gripping the screenplay is going to be. It’s a best curtain raiser for the movie ‘Cobra’ and BGM by AR Rahman is outstanding.