Classic Wednesday - When 'James Bond' Jaishankar turned hero for fantasy comedy

This week in Classic Wednesday, lets a take a look at comedy fare that was a huge blockbuster in Tamill cinema. And what is most interesting was the movie marked action hero, called as Thennagathu James Bond, who played part of action heroes untill then, take to comedy. Made in 1967, the movie was an adaptation of the 1964 Hollywood film The Brass Bottle with a romantic comedy twist, written by Javar Seetharaman.

The film also starred  Jaishankar, K R Vijaya and Nagesh in the lead roles while Seetharaman himself played the genie. The movie had music by R Govardhanam and cinematography by Ravikant Nagaich. An engaging entertainer, it was about two friends who gets a lamp and a genie comes out of it which fulfills all their wishes. The funny dialogues and comical act by both Jaishankar and Nagesh was well appreciated.

Ulagathil sirandhahdhu Edhu and Sivagami Maganidam are two popular numbers that is sung even today in music concerts. Jaishankar won lots of women fans after the film, while KR Vijaya was appreciated for her subtle performance. Directed by M V Raman, the comedy film ran for 125 runs in many screens.