Classic Wednesday : Record ticket sales for MGR's Enga Veetu Pillai

Beginning today, we at Thandora will throw light on classical movies that made an impact among masses.  Be it MGR, Sivaji, Gemini or Jaishankar, those films that made it big and won laurels would be highlighted. We will take you all on a journey back to relish and enjoy few unsaid details about those films. The pride movies of Tamil cinema would be discussed.

Today let's throw light on MGR's evergreen hit Enga Veetu Pillai. It was released in 14 June, 1965. Directed by Chanakya and bankrolled by Vijaya Productions, it featured MGR in double role. Saroja Devi, Rathna, Nambiar, Nagesh acted in it. Music was by Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy. The movie was about a coward Ramu (MGR ) whose riches were controlled by Gajendran ( Nambiar). He happened to swap places with his looks like Ilango ( MGR) entering house in his place. A gutsy good man, Illango sets everything right.

The movie was a huge hit and saw huge tickets sale across Tamilnadu. So huge a commercial hit, it was even considered for National awards though a remake. Songs Naan Aanaiyittal and Kumari Penin were huge hits. MGR was admired by all. A silver jubilee film, it was a huge blockbuster.