Classic Wednesday : MR Radha- A man who gave message through dialogues

Speak of yesteryear cinema, one can never forget the contribution of MR Radha. Popularly known as Nadigavel, an epitome of acting, he spelt magic on screen with his spontaneous performance. He played with ease character, comedy, villan and lead roles in Tamil cinema. Hailing from drama world, his dialogues were razor sharp and always carried message.

This week in Classic wednesday, we will be talking about M R Radha and his contribution to Kollywood.After a successful career on stage in his early years, he acted in films from the 1930s to the 1970s, and then, giving up films, he went back to his first love, the stage.Radha was a popular theatre artiste who performed in more than 5000 stage shows. His stage play Ratha Kanneer which was later made as cinema brought him recognition.

Though he was in bad news for shooting MGR and spent jail term too, Radha cannot be forgotten for his rationalist dialogues that created an impact among all. In almost all his films, he made sure that there was a clear message for masses. He proved that he can reach masses with crispy thoughtful dialogues.