Citizenship Protests: 16,000 fake posts have been deleted

Police have deleted more than 16,000 posts posted on social networks to incite a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in UP.

Police have identified and deleted 16,761 posts on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, in an attempt to provoke and condemn the protest. The maximum number of posts is 7513 on Twitter, 976 on Facebook and 171 on YouTube. Those who have posted such records have been prosecuted. So far, 110 people have been served notice in this regard.Police said they were involved in a riot that erupted during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Lucknow.

Violence has also been triggered by many in Delhi using fake Facebook accounts. Police have also deleted information that has been misrepresented in relation to the Citizenship Amendment Act. Some Facebook and Twitter accounts have been disabled for spreading rumors.