Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Teaser Review

Christopher Nolan isn’t just a phenomenal icon, far-famed for throwing big surprises with his narrative and technical packaging of films, but with marketing skills too. Well, just imagine the world’s most expected film is all set to arrive by next year and any filmmaker would make prior announcements about its promotional phase, especially with the teasers and trailers. As the entire league of his fans are curiously awaiting for the arrival of his forthcoming magnum opus ‘TENET’, Christopher Nolan threw up an unheralded astonishment to the audiences, who came to experience Hobbs & Shaw at IMAX screen in AMC Century City. Yeah! It was all about the espionage thriller - TENET teaser getting screened to the audiences.

With a running length of less than 60 seconds, it opens up with a glass pierced with a bullet and that’s where we see the central icon of the film – John David Washington that is followed by a heavy punch words screened – Time has come for a new protagonist. The shot again shifts to Washington as the camera follows him as he picks up the glass for examination, where he finds there are few more cracks. For the ardent buffs of Christopher Nolan movies, they’ve another element to note as the teaser immediately bring in the touch of Bruce Wayne character (Christian Bale) analyzing the bullet like missile in his yesteryear flick The Dark Knight.

Over again, we get to see one more textual impact – Time has come a new kind of mission.”  Following this, we find the blue toned visuals having the entry of SWAT team members and as they rush, we see the Washington character in whole, surprisingly, with an oxygen mask. Just as it happens with every teaser and trailer, the background score is literally massive that throws up a bass into your heart beats.. Courtesy the music director Ludwig Goransson.

This is amazing and is turning everyone Christopher Nolan fan irresistible to experience the visuals in person, isn’t?