Chennai to host Triathlon Asian Cup

The NTT Chennai ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup to be held here on Sunday will see over 100 triathletes taking part, organisers said. The Tamilnadu Triathlon Association under the aegis of Indian Triathlon Federation will organise the event, which is returning to India and to Chennai after over 20 years.

Over 100 participants (70 men and 30 women), including 30 triathletes from countries like France, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Chile, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Korea, Poland, Ukraine, the Philippines, Nepal and Romania are expected to take part.

Simultaneously, the Senior National Championship will also be held, Indian Triathlon Federation CEO N Ramachandran said here.

Around 70 participants from various Indian States will be participating in the event. There is thus an opportunity for an Indian to win two medals, in the Asian event and in the national championship.