Chennai is the noisiest city in India?

The red light at a traffic signal is the universal sign of vehicles having to stop — but in India it's also an alert to start a constant honking. The Mumbai Police launched' Honk More, Wait More' scheme to counter this problem and punish impatient drivers. Alternatively, if impatient drivers hunk up at the signals, their waiting time will just increase.

This seem to be a quirky solution to address noise pollution in cities.

Due to its high threat, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) tracked noise levels through traffic monitoring in major cities across India. According to the latest report of 2018- Chennai was the noisiest of the six metros in India.The average daytime noise levels across the 10 city's  stations were 67.8 decibels (dB), far higher than Delhi's 61 decibels.

It is discovered that the average human being, when subjected to 45 decibels of noise, wont be able to sleep. At 120 decibels the ear registers pain, but hearing damage begins at a much lower level, approximately 85 decibels.