Can Cheran get cured from Kleine-Levin Syndrome?

Filmmaker turned actor Cheran is very well known for an impeccable scripts and beautiful storytelling. With some of his movies not performing well as a filmmaker, his participation in Bigg Boss show got back his popularity. 

Now this is adding up more hype for his upcoming film ‘Rajavukku Check’, which features him in lead role. While speaking about the film, director Sai Rajkumar says that he will be appearing as a CBCID officer, who is affected with Kleine-Levin Syndrome. 

The film is an edge-seated thriller drama, which will have the protagonist with this issue and how his daughter gets affected because of this.  

When asked about the film’s hype getting bigger after Cheran’s Bigg Boss impact, the director says, “Cheran sir had signed the film before couple of years and it has come out really well. It’s good if the hype is created through Bigg Boss.”