Bigil shows cancelled – Screen Scene Media’s cool clarification

Being one of the most successful real estate entrepreneur, Sundar Aarumugam of Screen Scene Media Entertainment has managed to pull it off excellently as a producer and distributors. Especially, with the recent success of Bigil, he is remaining over the top of world. 

The distributor says that he had purchased the Tamil Nadu rights of Bigil on outright basis and this made him keep a track on box office count. In one of the recent interviews, Sundar Aarumugam says that Bigil has easily crossed Rs. 100 Cr mark in Tamil Nadu and everyone involved in the trade circle are already profited. 

Speaking about few shows getting cancelled, he says, “It’s normal. Around 70% of the regular audiences have already seen the film and that’s a routine part, where some shows are removed in the second week.”