Bigil meme on Theri Samantha, Mersal Nithya Menen predicted true with Nayanthara now

If you’ve have been continuously following Thandora Times, we had recently mentioned about one of the funny memes created by Vijay fans. It was about Nayanthara missing the audio launch of Bigil. The fans referred the same with Samantha who missed the Theri audio launch and had a tragic end in the movie followed by Nithya Menen not attending the ‘Mersal’ audio and having a similar coincidental tragedy in the movie.

The meme end with Nayanthara picture in the third box office followed by Question mark. However, soon after watching the film’s trailer, it is being highly discussed whether Nayanthara will be a tragic end in the film as some of the shots signifies it. On the other hand, Nayanthara fans have been creating funny memes requesting the team ‘Bigil’ not to make that happen.