Bigil cameraman reveals how Vijay’s acting resulted in more lens

Cinematographer GK Vishnu is now having his sigh of relief of having completed the herculean task of ‘Bigil ‘. The film is hitting screens on the coming Friday (October 25) and the entire team is involved in promoting the film. 

During this juncture, cinematographer GK Vishnu says that working with actor Vijay was indeed a special experience. With the actor appearing in three different looks, he had to go for variety of lens as he showed up unique body language and performance for each character. Ask him what’s his favourite – Rayappan, Bigil or Michael and he instantly says, “Rayappan is my favourite”. 

Cinematographer GK Vishnu also confirms that shooting the football game in the real stadium like backdrop was really tough and they have tried capturing the moments as in an original football match.