Bigil 4 Days Collection in TamilNadu

Bigil is the third movie that collaborates Thalapathy Vijay and Director Atlee. This combo already gave us the BlockBusters like Theri and Mersal. Bigil hit the theaters on actober 25th and is dominating the box office not just in India but also worldwide. Movie gets mixed reviews and opinions from the audience but topped the box office in TamilNadu. Bigil's First 4 days Box Office collection ( From Oct 25- Oct 28) is given below.,

First Day - 21 Cr
Second Day - 14 Cr
Third Day -  15 Cr
Fourth Day - 11.5 Cr

Bigil collects 61.5 Crores only in TamilNadu and it's crossed 100 Crores in worldwide. Budget of the movie marked as 180 crores by the production side. The Production gets profit only if the movie collects or crossed more than 350 crores across worldwide and also it should collects more than 150 crores in TamilNadu, said distributors. All the collection details were received from reputed distributors of Tamil Nadu.