Bigg Boss fame Tharshan’s girlfriend writes emotional ‘Break-up’ note

Ever since, the commencement of Bigg Boss Season 3 happened, Sanam Shetty has been vigorously promoting his boyfriend Tharshan, who is one among the top contestants. In fact, he has been already considered as a winner by many inside and outside the house. However, Sanam Shetty has been witnessing little resentment from Tharshan-Sherin fans, who are alleging her for making some comments on their relationship.

Having been strong and firm, Sanam Shetty has broken down finally, thereby calling off her relationship with Tharshan. She has written an emotional letter on her social media page saying, “For your own happiness and for everyone’s wishes, I am letting you go Tharshan. I am out of your life. Shine like a diamond that you are. The world is there now to take care of you. They will give you the best life and best love. I don’t have the strength anymore to deal with this constant hatred coming from everywhere. The whole world wants to save you from me. Now you are saved from me. Tharshan fans and Tharshan-Sherin love fans you can celebrate now. The best love story in Bigg Boss wins. They don’t need to sacrifice for my sake after 75 days. I will sacrifice my love for his happiness and victory. My family is disheartened. I am completely broken and it’s time to take this call. Tharshan you will always be in my heart and in my prayers, but I will never disturb your life again. I love you today and forever. Goodbye Tharshan.”