Bangkok passenger arrested in Chennai airport with cheetah

A passenger from Bangkok is expected to be deported for allegedly bringing a cheetah cub without required documents and clearances to the Chennai airport. The male passenger arrived at the airport on a Thai Airways flight in the wee hours of today. While he was checking out, officials saw he had a receipt for ‘one small live animal’. When they checked it was a chettah cub kept in a basket.

However, it is said the passenger had all the clearances while leaving the Bangkok airport and from Thai airlines. Sources said, the animal did not have a clearance from the Health and Customs department to deem the Cheetah free of any contagious diseases. The passenger and the Cheetah who are detained by Customs officials are expected to fly back tonight to Bangkok. Further investigations are on by officials.

Recently,  man was arrested at Chennai airport for smuggling gold worth Rs 62 lakh, taped in a mobile cover. He was from Riyadh and said he had received the mobile cover from a passenger and the parcel does not belong to him. Also, a man again from Riyadh, carried 871 grams of gold worth Rs 28 lakh concealed in an emergency light on the Delhi airport.