Avengers End Game - A Eleven years Journey

After an endless wait of about 1 year after Infinity War, here we expirience the end game which is said to be the final sequel of avengers. An individual who hadn't watched a single prequel of avengers or doesn't know the continuity of MCU, sorry peeps !

The Movie doesn't satisfy you, hence we all expirienced the THANOS's SNAP in the INFINITY WAR, were upset about the way of climax given and it was indeed a saddest ending, where few of our favourite superheroes were vanished and became dust because of the snap and iron man was stuck in the TITAN. Captain America and few of the left over avengers were at the earth. So ?

Now the expectations of the fans and each and every fan made theories were confusing whether will we get to see our super heroes back or they are just outta end game etc etc and FINALLY !!! The end game is out and it has answered each and every expectations of a marvel freak . The sudden twists and twirls in between scenes literally gives us a nail bitting moment and every superhero has his/her individual outstanding mass scenes, where audience literally whoop. We get to see few of our heroes dying and few heroes suddenly having extreme screen presence and the time travelling scenes throughout the movie gets the audience preplexed.

But the first 80 mins gets the audience, a bit dizzy because of the straggling screenplay and continuous conversations among them. The overall movie gets scintillating when THANOS looses his power and the avengers knock him down and again getting into the time travel concepts and it finally concludes whether the avengers succeed with time travel concept ? The superheroes vanished in the infinity war comeback again with a bang ? and how avengers defeat thanos or thanos dominates avengers alike the infinity war ?