Australia defeats Bangladesh by 48 runs

Bangladesh's highest total in ODIs didn't help. Though they scored 332 yet they fell short of target against Aussies by 48 runs. Remember Australia scored 131 runs in the last 10 overs. Australia had to work hard for this win. Says Aussies captain Finch, "Every time there was a partnership going, there were a few butterflies. We have been pretty consistent. We have guys who have WC experience. Having good partnerships with bat and ball is important. Few of the changes were forced.

The spinner was left out as well for a few games. It also depends on the wicket. We always pride ourselves on our fielding and we were quite sloppy despite the wet conditions at the beginning. No excuses there. Not yet thinking about semis. Hopefully, we will secure a place in the top four. Nice to get a couple of boundaries away at the start. The wickets have been good as well and that helps as an opening batsman."