Aussie bushfire: Army toil round-the-clock

A contingent of 3,000 Australian army reservists were deployed on Monday to assist fire crews and emergency workers with evacuations and disaster recovery efforts, following a horror weekend of raging bushfires across the country.Although bushfires are a regular occurrence in the country, the size and scale of this year's wildfire has been unprecedented with at least 25 people dead, over 1,300 homes burnt and around 6.3 million hectares of vegetation destroyed, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) have received a Call-Out Order of Reservists for the first time in the country's history."The majority of Reservists who have been called out come from the Australian Army's 2nd Division, 4 Brigade, 5 Brigade, 6 Brigade, 9 Brigade, 17 Sustainment Brigade and the broader ADF community," according to the ADF.