Athi Varadar: Devotees blames poor arrengement for stampede deaths

Four devotees, including two women, were suffocated to death as thousands of people filled up the narrow roads to the Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple for the darshan of Athivaradar on the 18th day of his public worship on Thursday. Many have been hospitalised, a few in serious condition. Though the district administration had made alternate arrengements today, devotees blame that lack of preparedness of the part of oficials led to the clamity.

We have witnessed the largest inflow of devotees today. All the approach roads have been choked with cars and other vehicles. It took us 2-1/2 hours to cover the 15 km distance between Wallajabad and Kancheepuram, whereas it would take ten minutes at normal times, said a devotee. There is no water. No food. We were made stand in long queue which never moved for over seven hours.

We fainted and few vomitted, say a few. The lack of planning by officiaals is the reason. Since the event happen once in 40 years, they should expect crowd and made plans accordingly. They should take the blame, many say.BJP leaders condemned HR & CE for poor management.