Arvind Swami speaks on his 'Viswasam'

Both Arvind Swami and Siddarth were present for the press and media interaction session this afternoon in Chennai. Both of them have dubbed in Tamil for the lead characters of ‘The Lion King’. The film is hitting screens on July 19 simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi along with English. During the session, VJ turned anchor Ramya asked both Siddarth and Arvind Swami, which animal’s nature they posses.

Arvind Swami  said that he shares quality of ‘Viswasam’ (Loyalty) of a dog and when it was the turn of Siddarth, he said that it’s nature of all animals ‘Pidivaadham’ (not giving up anything at ease). The other artistes who were present for the occasion were Robo Shankar and Singam Puli. Aishwarya Rajesh and Ravi Kiran who have dubbed for the film couldn’t make it up for the occasion due to their prior commitments.