Anushka Shetty in love Indian cricketer?

Anushka is one of the leading actress in South indian cinema and has paired up with leading actors including Rajinikanth, Vijay and Ajith Kumar and now she is 38 years old. There were rumors that she and Telugu actor Prabhas were in love, which they both denied of it. It was later reported that Anushka was to marry a businessman, whereas Nothing like that happened.

Now there is a rumor on Telugu websites that Anushka is in love with a cricketer. It is said that the player hails from North India and is playing on the side of South Indian team for Ranji Trophy. Regarding this statement, Anushka said:-

"There has been a lot of gossip about me on love and marriages.They have made to get married so many times through their gossips. Saying I love a businessman. They they said I was going to marry a doctor.And then thry talked me with the heroes who played with me in films.

Now they say I love the cricketer. Nothing is true. It makes me sad why they are targeting me. But rumors about actresses are very common one. I left my marriage decision to the parents. I will stretch the neck of the lucky charm to whom they show their hand. ”
Thus said Anushka.